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Take a few minutes and look back to RC#3. If you served north of the Im Jin River, you probably visited there. Maybe you took in a show at Frontline Service Club or a movie. You may recognize a face, building, or country scene in the following 100 plus photos.
The following pages have been prepared as accurately as possible from MEMORY. If you recognize someone listed as "unknown" please let me know. Almost 35 years have passed since my tour and I have not been in touch with many of the people.
If you have a picture you would like added to this site, send an email to the Webmaster. We are looking for pictures of the Sentry Dogs, Dog Handlers, Dog Kennels, CP, BWQ, and BOQ.
Picture Gallery
RC#3 Personnel 1
RC#3 Personnel 2
RC#3 Buildings
Countryside of 1967-1968
Sentry Dog Platoon
Joint Security Agency
Mary K's Memories

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