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Welcome to the Giles county Amateur Radio Associations's Emergency Operations Center Project web page. On Saturday 12-12-1999 antenna supports and antennas were placed on the old Jail building in Pearisburg. We would like send a special thanks to the climbing crew, the bucket truck operator Randall Flecther, Cary Hubbard (KB8VOK), and James Stafford (KD4DRK)! We would also like to thank everyone who helped with the project! You can click here to see the crew who supplied all the hard work to make the project a success.  

Picture Gallery 12-12-1999

Picture Gallery 12-19-1999

Picture Gallery 02-26-2002

Picture Gallery 03-18-2002

WDBJ 7 5:00 News coverage in the GARA EOC
(High resolution MPEG 22.3MB)  (Low resolution MPEG 6.7MB)

WDBJ 7 11:00 News coverage in the GARA EOC
(High resolution MPEG 10.6MB)  (Low resolution MPEG 3.23MB)

Again, Thanks to all who helped!!!


Some of the individuals that volunteered the
time to make the GARA EOC a reality

American Electric Power Company
Shawn Bryant KC4ACP
Brad Baker
Linda Caldwell K8POM
Mack Caldwell K8GWU
Nathan Deplazes
Randall Flecther
Merrell Hedrick KD4WOK
Gerald Hilton K4YPP
Cary Hubbard KB8VOK
Mike Keitz KD4QDM
Les Sears K4HYE
Dale Shelor KD4BNQ
Dennis Shelor N8VH
James Shelor
James Stafford KD4DRK
(If we missed anyone please let us know)
Thank you!!!

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